Mulling over Mulligan’s musings…

A kit bag of fancy tricks or using the system of assessment & force progression which directs loading required. Hmmm choices….

The Sports Physio

Yet again I find myself writing another blog on manual therapy, and yet again I find myself having to explain my views on it after some people got their ‘knickers in a twist’ over my comments about a recent interview the legendary physio Brian Mulligan gave to the CSP here, with the full script available here.

These happy clappers with their panties in a bunch also quickly jumped to conclusions of their own, accusing me of ‘throwing out the baby with the bath water’, seeming to think I am suggesting that because I found this interview horrendously inaccurate, full of outdated reasoning, logical fallacies and improbable claims, that I think all of what Mulligan has done is crap and should be abandoned.

I never said or suggested such like. This is a false dichotomy. This annoys me greatly.


I was/am enormously frustrated and disappointed having read this interview with…

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