What just happened? Reflecting on change* after watching Peter O’Sullivan at EP3

And Part 2 of the story by @KWernliPhysio is just as enlightening…thanks folks


This is part two of a shared blog from Jay-Shian Tan and Kevin Wernli, two PhD students at Curtin University who were invited to attend the recent EP3 at the G as science correspondents. Part 1 ‘Integrating Explain Pain and Cognitive Functional Therapy in persistent low back pain‘ can be found here.

*This is my interpretation of how Russell went from a fearful, anxious person with a 35-year history of back pain, to someone with a new mindset on his back/life and hope for the future  – ‘a light at the end of the tunnel’ (a great example of a patients use of the metaphorical language that Jay discussed previously). This interpretation is based on my experience as a PhD candidate at Curtin University, my own research of Cognitive Functional Therapy, and my experience working in a Clinic with people like Professor Peter O’Sullivan, Dr JP Caneiro…

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