For Australians this reference creates an immediate interest in a heart warming edible way.  In the world of neuroscience it is paving a new meaning!  Check it out from @NOIgroup



Physio or a Firefighter… A guest blog by Tom Goom

Another perspective on the nuts & bolts of the Art of Physiotherapy! An articulate but refreshingly blunt appraisal Tom Goom

The Sports Physio

So a chaotic month with some academical issues around a research trial I am trying to complete, a couple of dinosaurs with ruffled feathers, and not forgetting trying to do my day to day job means my ‘blogging’ has suffered. However, I am flattered that the king of physio blogs, Tom Goom aka the ‘Running Physio‘ has offered to step up and cover my arse by writing one for me.

Tom discusses the problems that many physios have when not planning ahead or seeing the bigger picture, and fits very well with the 7 P’s of perfomance I try to adhere in all things…

Are you a physio or a firefighter?

This should be a fairly easy question. Carry a hose? Go into burning buildings? Drive a big red fire engine? Then, you’re a firefighter. Wear trainers to work? Know all the colours of theraband? Get slightly annoyed…

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The Bull Shit Detection Rules…

Always a thought to be wary of those liberally sprinkling fairy dust!

The Sports Physio

Every now and then I like to read some ‘other’ stuff to get away from the relentless physio research papers, and thanks to a recommendation by a friend, I have been reading a book called “The Demon Haunted World”. Now this this isn’t some fantasy novel about dragons and warlocks, but in fact is a best seller by Carl Sagan about the scientific method, and why we all need to develop critical thinking, and is a fantastic read.

From the little background reading I have done on Carl Sagan it appears he was an extremely interesting, intelligent and charismatic individual. Not only a brilliant scientist, but also a great philosopher, sociologist, psychologist, critical thinker, poet, sage, writer and orator with a fantastic way with words. His ‘pale blue dot’ being one of his most famous works, and is well worth a few minutes of your time to listen to

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