Get a grip…

You have got to hand it to @thesportsphysio for getting a John Daly reference into this topic! Enjoy the read 😉

The Sports Physio

You can gain a lot of information from a persons handshake so psychologists tell us, and I agree. A good firm handshake usually tells me an individual is engaged, interested and enthusiastic to meet me. A weak, limp and flaccid handshake not only repulses me but it usually tells me the individual is both physically and psychologically lethargic and disinterested. However, the over the top vigorous bone crusher handshake often tells me the individual is trying to dominate our interaction or compensate for something else that is lacking.

crush handshake

The handshake has been around for as long as humans have existed and it is used as a greeting in most cultures, but there are wide variations in how, where, and why handshaking is done across the world. For example in the African savanna offering to shake hands with a stranger shows you are not carrying a weapon and so are not…

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