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When a patient tells me they have read something in the newspaper about back pain my heart sinks and my left eye starts to involuntarily twitch as usually its some ill-informed garbage about a quick fix, or drivel about a miracle cure that I have to try and convince them is utter bull shit. But from this week there is hope that a patient has at last actually read something useful about their back pain in the media.

This week The Lancet published three very important papers about back pain. These papers authored by the worlds leading researchers highlight how back pain is a huge global burden affecting millions if not billions of people worldwide, and how it is getting worse despite advances in healthcare, medicine and surgery. Please go and read these papers here, they are freely accessible and well worth an hour of your time.


These articles highlight…

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Oldies are Goldies

Golden oldies but new classic novellas!



Novellas are longish Explain Pain stories – they could take 5 -10 minutes or even longer. Patients can read them or perhaps therapists can construct a story from them. Lorimer and I have constructed 15 novellas in Explain Pain Supercharged, and here is the one I use most frequently.

Oldies are goldies  

Most of us are living longer! Sixty is the new 40, 80 the new 60 so we hear. Phew! Living longer is usually a good thing but ageism is in the air. Ageism is a negative perception of getting older and of older people. It’s a really big personal and societal DIM (Danger in Me neurotag) and it needs to be challenged. Young and old people can be ageist, older people can be ageist about themselves, health professionals and sometimes government departments and companies are ageist. Let’s challenge it, first by obliterating some myths about…

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